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Celebrating 20 Years of Manufacturing 8 Inch Wafers!
by ON Semiconductor - 2017-08-11 14:54:16.0

Mark Goranson, SVP global manufacturing for ON Semiconductor recently visited the Mountain Top facility, whose 8 inch Fab is celebrating 20 years manufacturing 8 inch wafers.

In 1997, the Mountain Top site opened a newly constructed 8-inch power MOS wafer fabrication facility. It was touted as the world`s first 8-inch power semiconductor facility. The new Fab combined a Class 1,000 ballroom environment with Class 1 and sub-Class 1 SMIF integration.

At the time, an 8” Discrete Device Fab was considered to be a significant advancement in technology, producing more devices faster and at a lower cost. 

Speed and innovation were key to the project. Tasks were started simultaneously. Even as the outer shell of the building was being built, construction on the interior clean-room had begun. Tools were installed in the sequence they were needed to produce the first qualification wafers ahead of project completion. SMIF technology, which kept the wafers protected in a Class 1 environment, maintaining low defectivity throughout the project.

The members shown in this photo were on the teams to manage and implement various projects in the creation of the Fab.

8 inch wafers

Kneeling Left to Right: Joe Cumbo,Steve Kutney

Standing Left to Right: Roman Gurevich, Dianne Rapchak, Marge Enosh, Jane Stein, George Platko, Mark Goranson, Dan Charney, Mike Trager, Rich McEntee

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james swonger 2017-08-19 20:02:23.0 Rate it: 0
That fab used to own about half the rad hard power MOSFET business before Intersil sold the IP and the market to IR (now Infineon). You should look at what opportunity is still there for rad hard power.

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