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Eno Center for Transportation: The Road to Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Webinar
by ON Semiconductor - 2017-08-09 11:41:44.0

Earlier this month, David Somo, ON Semiconductor senior vice president of corporate strategy, marketing and solutions engineering, joined Paul Lewis, vice president of policy and finance of Eno Center for Transportation, to host a webinar discussing “The Road to Autonomous & Electric Vehicles.” The webinar attracted 160 attendees from federal, state and local transportation organizations, among others.

David currently serves on the board of directors for Eno Center for Transportation (Eno), a non-profit charitable foundation that was founded in 1921 to promote safety through traffic control in all modes of transportation. To this day, the mission “to cultivate creative leadership and to impact emerging issues for the nation’s multi-modal transportation system” has remained the same.

During the webinar, the two explored how the future of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) might be shaped as key enabling technologies like sensor fusion, artificial intelligence, and connectivity and security, and other trends arise. Throughout the presentation, both speakers discuss the evolution of AVs and EVs, the current stage and the outlook for these trends, which can be identified as autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles and vehicle electrification.

Autonomous vehicles are becoming more of a reality, especially as advancements in key technologies are made. With these advancements it’s important to understand the overall benefits of AVs. In the presentation, these benefits are broken down into safety, efficiency, societal and readiness.

With regard to the safety and regulations that accompanies autonomous driving, both speakers discussed the regulations and guidance for vehicle performance to establish uniform AV testing, certification, liability, and operating requirements. As this trend continues to grow it is important to analyze and address all safety concerns and have actions in place to address them.

AVs may seem to be the only trend that is discussed at this time, but EVs are still a trend that is growing. With a desire to maintain more environmentally conscious standards, emissions targets are driving this goal.

Transportation is at the brink of disruptive change. As these changes occur it is important for automotive companies, tech companies, universities and, governments to work together to enable safe and secure deployment of AVs. But more importantly that semiconductors are core to these innovations that will drive us into the future.  


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