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Talking Transportation Buzzwords
by ON Semiconductor - 2017-08-21 11:18:57.0

With terms like ADAS, sensor fusion, autonomous driving, flying around the automotive industry it’s hard to keep up.

Thanks to Eno Center for Transportation (EnoTrans) Street Smart Series with David Somo, ON Semiconductor senior vice president of corporate strategy, marketing and solutions engineering, you can learn about the buzzwords of transportation today and how AV/EV and the technologies that make these possible are continuing to evolve.

Vehicles are crucial to our everyday lives as it takes us from point A to point B. Transportation is evolving as automakers and suppliers strive for vehicles to perform in more ways than just getting us from home to work. With the help of ADAS cars already have emergency breaking, active cruise control, and lane departure warning systems. But in order to get closer to driving independent of a human, vehicles also need to connect to their environments. Connected vehicles are now sensing and speaking to surrounding areas and sharing info with the infrastructure. As these types of vehicles go from the factory to the roads autonomous vehicles will need to become more than just realizing innovation, but also need to take responsibility for creating a safer environment.

ON Semiconductor holds a unique perspective into the changing automotive landscape as our broad array of products continue to support these industry megatrends and rapid evolution in the segment.

The EnoTrans Street Smart Series is a great way to learn about current events in transportation and keep updated on industry shifts in response to this disruptive technology. You can view their recent Street Smart Series with David Somo below.

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