FGA20S125P: 1250V, 20A, Shorted-anode IGBT

Description: Using advanced field stop trench and shorted-anode...
  • Using advanced field stop trench and shorted-anode technology, Fairchild’s shorted-anode trench IGBTs offer superior conduction and switching performances for soft switching applications. The device can operate in parallel configuration with exceptional avalanche capability. This device is designed for induction heating and microwave oven.
  • Features
  • High speed switching
  • Low saturation voltage: VCE(sat) =2.0V @ IC = 20A
  • High input impedance
  • RoHS compliant
  • Applications
  • Consumer Appliances
  • Technical Documentation & Design Resources
    Availability and Samples
  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free 
  • Description: 1250V, 20A, Shorted-anode IGBT
  • Package Type: TO-3P-3LD / EIAJ SC-65, ISOLATED
  • Package Case Outline: 340BZ
  • MSL: NA
  • Container Type: TUBE
  • Container Qty: 450
  • Specifications
  • V(BR)CES Typ (V): 1250 
  • IC Max (A):  
  • VCE(sat) Typ (V):  
  • VF Typ (V):  
  • Eoff Typ (mJ):  
  • Eon Typ (mJ):  
  • Trr Typ (ns):  
  • Irr Typ (A):  
  • Gate Charge Typ (nC):  
  • Short Circuit Withstand (µs):  
  • EAS Typ (mJ):  
  • PD Max (W):  
  • Co-Packaged Diode:  
  • Package Type: TO-3P-3LD / EIAJ SC-65, ISOLATED 
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