FXL6408: Fully Configurable 8-Bit I2C-Controlled GPIO Expander

Description: The FXL6408 is an 8-bit I2C-controlled ...
  • The FXL6408 is an 8-bit I2C-controlled GPIO expander. When configured in Input Mode, the FXL6408 monitors the input ports for data transitions and signals the baseband by asserting the /INT pin. The input default values can be programmed independently, allowing customized input detection. All inputs can be configured with pull-up or pull-down resistors to pre-bias the inputs in open-drain or non-driven applications. When configured in Output Mode, the GPIO pins are capable of delivering 6 mA output drive according to the I2C register set. The FXL6408 is designed to allow voltage translation from levels as low as 1.65 V and up to 4.0 V. The FXL6408 features an active LOW RESET input as well as Power-On Reset (POR) circuit and I2C software reset options.
  • Features
  • 4X Expansion of Connected Processor I/O Ports
  • Fully Integrated I2C Slave
  • 8 Independently Configurable I/O Ports
  • Low-Power Quiescent Current: 1.5 µA
  • Voltage Translation Capable from 1.65 V I2C Port Up to 4.0 V GPIO Pins
  • Selectable Device Address
  • 6 mA Output Drive
  • Interrupt Pin to Alert Processor of Status Changes
  • Applications
  • This product is general usage and suitable for many different applications.
  • Technical Documentation & Design Resources
    Availability and Samples
  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • Description: Fully Configurable 8-Bit I2C-Controlled GPIO Expander
  • Package Type: UQFN-16
  • Package Case Outline: 523BF
  • MSL: 1
  • Container Type: REEL
  • Container Qty: 5000
  • Inventory

  • Market Leadtime (weeks):4 to 8
  • Arrow:0
  • Digikey:>1K
  • Mouser:>1K
  • Specifications
  • Channels:
  • Input Level: CMOS 
  • VCC Min (V): 1.65 
  • VCC Max (V):
  • tpd Max (ns): -none- 
  • IO Max (mA):
  • Package Type: UQFN-16 
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