LB11847: PWM Current Control Type Stepping Motor Driver

Description: The LB11847 is a driver IC for stepping motors wit...
  • The LB11847 is a driver IC for stepping motors with PWM curent control bipolar drive (fixed OFF time). A special feature of this IC is that the VREF voltage is constant while the current can be set in 15 steps, allowing drive of motors ranging from 1-2 phase exciter types to 4W 1-2 phase exciter types. The current decay pattern can also be selected (SLOW DECAY, FAST DECAY, MIX DECAY) to increase the decay of regenerative current at chopping OFF, thereby improving response characteristics. This is especially useful for carriage and paper feed stepping motors in printers and similar applications where high precision control and low vibrations are required.
  • Features
  • PWM current control (fixed OFF time)
  • Load current digital selector
  • Selectable current decay
  • Simultaneous ON prevention function
  • Noise canceller
  • Built-in thermal shutdown circuit
  • Built-in logic low-voltage OFF circuit
  • Applications
  • Printers
  • Technical Documentation & Design Resources
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  • Description: PWM Current Control Type Stepping Motor Driver
  • Package Type: PDIP-30
  • Package Case Outline: 646AZ
  • MSL: NA
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