LB11946: PWM Current Control Stepping Motor Driver

Description: LB11946 is a PWM current control stepper motor dri...
  • LB11946 is a PWM current control stepper motor driver that implements PWM control bipolar drive with a fixed off time. It features 15 current setting levels using a fixed VREF voltage and support for micro-stepping drive from 1-2 phase excitation drive to 4W1-2 phase excitation drive. This device is optimal for driving stepper motors such as those used for carriage drive and paper feed in printers.
  • Features
  • PWM current control, with a fixed off time
  • Logic input serial-parallel converter (allows 1-2,W1-2, 2W1-2 and 4W1-2 phase excitation drive)
  • Current attenuation switching function (with slow decay, fast decay, and mixed decay modes)
  • Integrated upper and lower side diodes
  • Applications
  • Stepper Motors
  • End Products
  • Printers
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  • Status: Lifetime
  • Compliance: Pb-free 
  • Description: PWM Current Control Stepping Motor Driver
  • Package Type: PDIP-30
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