LV8498CT: Motor Driver, Constant Current, Control Voice Coil

Description: The LV8498CT is a constant current driver IC for v...
  • The LV8498CT is a constant current driver IC for voice coil motors that supports I2C control integrating a digital/analog converter (DAC). It uses an ultraminiature WLP package and includes a current detection resistor for constant current control, which makes the IC ideal for miniaturization of camera modules intended for use in camera-equipped mobile phones. The output transistor has a low on-resistance of 1 Ω and the resistance of the built-in current detection resistor is 1 Ω, which minimizes the voltage loss and helps withstand voltage drop in VCC. The function is incorporated, which, by changing the current in a stepped pattern while taking time at rise and fall of the output current, provides the current a slope, improving the converging stability of the voice coil motor (current slope function).
  • Features
  • I2C bus control supported. - Easy control
  • Wide operating voltage range (2.2 to 5.0V). - Wide power supply application
  • Built-in current detection resistor. - Current limit protection
  • 6-pin WLP package used (1.27 0.87 0.25mm). - Small mounting space
  • Built-in voltage drop protection circuit (VCC = 2V output off). - Voltage drop protection
  • Built-in thermal protection circuit. - Thermal protection
  • Constant current control enabled by 10bit DAC - Improving the converging stability of the AF-VCM
  • Less External Component - Simple Design
  • Stand-by current: 0A - Low consumption
  • Constant current driver for voice coil motors.
  • Low output block total-resistance of 2Ω helps withstand voltage drop in VCC. (Current detection resistance + output
    transistor on-resistance).
  • Built-in VCM overshoot preventive function (current slope function).
  • Power supply Voltage: 2.2 to 5.0V
  • Applications
  • Portable & Wireless
  • End Products
  • Feature Phone
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Camera for mobile phone
  • Pocket movie Camera
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  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • Description: Motor Driver, Constant Current, Control Voice Coil
  • Package Type: WLCSP-6 / WLP-6K
  • Package Case Outline: 567ES
  • MSL: 1
  • Container Type: REEL
  • Container Qty: 5000
  • Inventory

  • Market Leadtime (weeks):2 to 4
  • Arrow:0
  • Digikey:>1K
  • Specifications
  • Number of Drivers:
  • VCC Max (V): 5.5 
  • V(BR)GSS Max (V):  
  • V(BR)DSS Max (V): VCC+0.5 
  • ID Max (A): 0.2 
  • rDS(on) Max (Ω):
  • Tj Max (°C):  
  • Package Type: WLCSP-6 / WLP-6K 
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