KAI-68PIN-HEAD-BD-A-GEVB:68 Pin Imaging Headboard for IT-CCD Evaluation Kit

Evaluation/Development Tool Description

The KAI-68PIN-HEAD-BD-A-GEVB Imaging Headboard enables evaluation of a variety of Interline Transfer CCD image sensors.

Note that this headboard is only one component of the full evaluation kit - the additional items listed below are required to assemble a working evaluation kit:

• Image Sensor to be evaluated (not included - must be purchased separately)
• Gen 2 FPGA Evaluation Board (G2-FPGA-BD-14-40-A-GEVK)
• Lens Mount Kit (LENS-MOUNT-KIT-C-GEVK)
• Sensor Studio II software (available below)
• Appropriate user-supplied lens

Operating manuals and timing information can be found in the help system of Sensor Studio II software.

Technical Documents

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