LB11696VGEVB: Direct PWM Drive Pre-Driver IC Evaluation Board

Evaluation/Development Tool Description

The LB11696V is a direct PWM drive pre-driver IC designed for three-phase power brushless motors. A motor driver circuit with the desired output power (voltage and current) can be implemented by adding discrete transistors in the output circuits. Furthermore, the LB11696V provides a full complement of protection circuits allowing it to easily implement high-reliability drive circuits. This device is optimal for driving all types of large-scale motors such as those used in air conditioners and on-demand water heaters.

  • Three-phase bipolar drive
  • Direct PWM drive (controlled either by control voltage or PWM variable duty pulse input)
  • Built-in forward/reverse switching circuit
  • Start/stop mode switching circuit (stop mode power saving function)
  • Built-in input amplifier
  • 5V regulator output (VERG pin)
  • Current limiter circuit (Supports 0.25V (typical) reference voltage sensing based high-precision detection)
  • Under voltage protection circuit (The operating voltage can be set with a zener diode)
  • Automatic recovery type constraint protection circuit with protection operating state discrimination output (RD pin)
  • Four types of Hall signal pulse output
  • Supports thermistor based thermal protection of the output transistors
  • Technical Documents

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