LV8806QAGEVK: Evaluation Kit for LV8806QA 3-phase Sensor-less Motor Driver

Evaluation/Development Tool Description

This kit makes it possible to operate the LSI evaluation board on your PC easily and quickly. We provide the board with the Daughter Board and the GUI that you can download from this site using the software link below. We named the kit “M-DrAGON”. It means Motor-Driver And GUI produced by ON semiconductor.

Evaluation Kit Content:

  • 1 LV8806QAGEVB Evaluation and Development Board
  • 1 Daughter Board
  • 1 USB_A-miniB cable
  • GUI

Minimum system requirements:

  • 32bit: Windows XP (SP3), 7, 8 or 64bit: Windows 7
  • Daughter Board
  • USB driver and GUI

Technical Documents

ON Semiconductor Full Web Site