LV8813GGEVB:Motor Driver, 3-Phase, PWM, Full-Wave, BLDC Evaluation Board

Evaluation/Development Tool Description

The LV8813GGEVB Evaluation Board is designed to efficiently and effectively evaluate the LV8813G, which is a 3-phase BLDC motor driver which is controlled by single Hall sensor. A 180 degrees sinusoidal driving method is adopted and the IC can control motor with low vibration and the low noise. In addition, lead-angle adjustment is possible by an external pin. Lead-angle value and lead-angle slant can be adjusted independently. Thus, the device can be driven by high efficiency and low noise with various motors. The power element to drive a motor is built-in and contributes to high efficiency by low on resistance (0.5 Ω). The Hall sensor bias driver is equipped, and a Hall IC is supported as well. As a method of the rotary speed control of the motor, direct-PWM pulse input or DC-voltage input can be chosen.

Technical Documents

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