NBSG16MMNEVB:NBSG16M 2.5 V/3.3 V Multilevel Input to CML Clock/Data Receiver/ Driver/Translator Buffer Evaluation Board

Evaluation/Development Tool Description

The NBSG16MMNEVB evaluation board is designed to facilitate a quick evaluation of the NBSG16M GigaComm™ Differential Receiver/Driver. The NBSG16M is designed to function as a high speed receiver/driver device with CML output for use in high speed signal amplification and backplane interface applications.

  • With this evaluation board, the following measurements could be performed in single-ended or differential modes of operation:
    - Jitter
    - Output Skew
    - Gain/Return Loss
    - Eye Pattern Generation
    - Frequency Performance
    - Output Rise and Fall Time
    - VIHCMR (Input High Common Mode Range)
  • Technical Documents

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