NCP1397GANGEVB:High Performance Integrated High Voltage Driver Evaluation Board

Evaluation/Development Tool Description

The NCP1397GANGEVB reference design provides a 12 V/20 A power supply using Gallium Nitride (GaN) HEMTs as the switching devices. The front-end of the power converter converts a universal AC line to a 385 dc bus while achieving near unity power factor. The second stage is a DC-DC stage that converts the 385 V DC bus to a 12 V output with a max rated load current of 20 A.

The Boost PFC stage employs ON Semiconductor's NCP1654 CCM controller. The second stage is an isolated DC-DC converter that converts the 385 V dc bus to a 12 V dc voltage output and employs ON Semiconductor?s NCP1397 LLC controller. Synchronous rectification is achieved with the NCP4304 synchronous controller on the secondary side to improve efficiency. The NCP432 is utilized in the feedback path to regulate the output voltage. The board utilizes GaN HEMTs as the switching devices in both the PFC stage and in the primary side of the LLC stage.

Technical Documents

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