NCP1654PFCGEVB: Power Factor Controller Evaluation Board

Evaluation/Development Tool Description

The NCP1654GEVB is a Power Factor Controller to efficiently drive Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) step-up pre-converters. The NCP1654 allows operation in Follower Boost mode to drastically lower the pre-converter size and cost, in a straight-forward manner. The NCP1654 is a continuous conduction mode and fixed frequency controller (65kHz). The coil (650 uH) is selected to limit the peak to peak current ripple in the range of 36 % at the sinusoid top, in full load and low line conditions.

  • Fast Transient Response
  • Low Operating Consumption
  • Inrush Currents Detection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Brown-Out Detection
  • Technical Documents

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