NV78763RLA11GEVK:NCV78763 REFERENCE DESIGN LDM A Day Time Running Light (DRL)/ Position Light (PL) and Turn Indicator (TURN) Kit

Evaluation/Development Tool Description

The NCV78763 REF Design LDM A KIT v1.1 is meant for Automotive LED Front Lighting Advanced Applications for Day Time Running Light (DRL), Position Light (PL) and Turn Indicator (TURN), aimed for car bulb equivalent system replacement and migration to Power LEDS.

The NCV78763 LDM A Board, core of the system, is shown hereby. The board itself is the NV78763RLA11GEVB. The board alone, but coupled with the cabling is the NV78763RCA11GEVK. The NV787XXLAP10GEVB is the NCV787xx LDM APRGM Programmer Evaluation Board, which can be used to allow the user to calibrate the output currents to the LED Modules selected, from the same modules contained in the kit, to any headlight ranging from one LED up to a maximum of 55 V. Its BOM is sized to allow the outputs to drive LED strings for a total power of above 20W and up to 60V voltage. LED channel 01 is dedicated DRL and PL, controlled via logarithmic dimming slopes ramp, while channel 02 performs the turn indicator (TURN/blinker) function.

The system embeds enhanced features allowing to adapt parameters to completely different string and/or headlight per means of the optional programmer (APRGM). The current levels for channels 01 and 02 are adjusted via the two respective trimmers. The microcontroller takes care of safety related items such as power level and voltage adjustments, current limitation and EEPROM memory save.

The design is based on the NCV78763, a single-chip, highly efficient smart power ballast and dual LED driver designed for automotive front lighting applications like high beam, low beam, daytime running light (DRL), turn indicator, fog light, static cornering and so on, featuring also safety relevant functions and diagnostics.

Technical Documents

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