ON Semiconductor’s Highly Integrated Touch/Proximity Sensor Wins China Electronic Market Magazine’s 2017 Editor’s Choice Award

AEC-Q100 compliant single-chip device exhibits sensitivity up to 150 mm away to support gesture recognition in automotive and industrial applications

SHENZHEN, China – April 11, 2018 – ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON)driving energy efficient innovations, has been awarded the China Electronic Market (CEM) magazine's 2017 Editor's Choice Award for its LC717A30UJ single chip touch/proximity sensing solution. Targeted at automotive and industrial systems applications, the sensor uses mutual capacitance to detect changes in capacitance down to femtofarad (fF) levels.

The AEC-Q100 compliant LC717A30UJ has a range of 150 millimeters (mm) - beyond the scope of any competing device on the market. This higher sensitivity enables gesture motions as well as offering conventional touch functionality, thereby enhancing users’ control options to address a wide range of application scenarios. In addition, it is capable of operating with an airgap between the sensor/PCB and the protective cover - so engineers can eliminate the inclusion of a light guide from the assembly reducing overall complexity.

This device also includes an integrated automatic calibration function which optimizes and self-calibrates total capacitance according to electrode, line capacitance, and surrounding environment, thus significantly accelerating system development cycle time as well as robustness in the field.

Commenting on the award, Ryan Cameron, Vice President of Industrial and Offline Power Division at ON Semiconductor said: “Receiving this award from a leading publication serving the electronic engineering sector in China recognizes the industry-leading differentiated performance of this product as well as its market acceptance. Touch technology is a rapidly growing area of application in many sectors and so the availability of high-performance, robust and easy-to-design-in integrated solutions such as the LC717A30UJ are vital to our customers.”

Founded in 1995, CEM is one of the longest established publications covering the electronics and semiconductor industries in China. Its annual Editor's Choice Awards evaluate nominated products against three criteria: brand recognition, adoption successes in the market, and unique product capabilities and features.

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