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August Featured New Products from ON Semiconductor
by ON Semiconductor - 2017-08-14 11:02:01.0

ON Semiconductor’s Featured New Product (FNP) listing highlights some of the newest devices released. Each update includes the newest products by product category, a summary of what makes them unique and the link to read more details. Whether you’re researching for your newest design or just satisfying your curiosity, these updates are your perfect guide.

NCV7748: Octal LS LIN Relay Driver

The NCV7748 is an automotive eight channel low−side driver providing drive capability up to 0.75 A per channel. Output control is via a LIN bus with optimized LIN command set allowing high flexibility while still maintaining compliance to SAE J2602 LIN specification.

Learn more with our Understanding 3C and 3D Commands in the NCV778 Device application note.

NCP1632: Power Factor Controller, Interleaved, 2-Phase

The NCP1632 integrated a dual MOSFET driver for interleaved PFC applications. Interleaving consists of paralleling two small stages in lieu of a bigger one, more difficult to design. This approach has several merits like the ease of implementation, the use of smaller components or a better distribution of the heating. Also, Interleaving extends the power range of Critical Conduction Mode that is an efficient and cost-effective technique (no need for low trr diodes). In addition, the NCP1632 drivers are 180o phase shifted for a significantly reduced current ripple. Housed in a SOIC16 package, the circuit incorporates all the features necessary for building robust and compact interleaved PFC stages, with a minimum of external components.

Learn more with our Characteristics of Interleaved PFC Stages application note. 

NCP148: LDO Regulator, Ultra-Low Noise and High PSRR, 450 mA

The NCP148 is a linear regulator capable of supplying 450 mA output current. Designed to meet the requirements of RF and analog circuits, the NCP148 device provides low noise, high PSRR, low quiescent current, and very good load/line transients.

The NCP148 offers soft−start function with optimized slew rate control to use in camera module. The device is designed to work with a 1 uF output ceramic capacitor. It is available in ultra−small 0.35P, 0.65 mm x 0.65 mm Chip Scale Package (CSP). 

To view all our latest product releases head over to our Featured New Products page.

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