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Battling Pollution with ON Semiconductor's Air Purifier Solutions
by Colin Craig - 2018-08-16 11:20:05.0

Air purifiers remove contaminants such as dust, pollen, and other fine particles from the air in a room. The use of these ‘air cleaners’ is spreading widely due to increasing interest in countering hay fever, and health concerns. Consumer awareness, in the developed world, is also increasing and people are better informed about the benefits of air purification technology.

As the quality of the air is deteriorating in these developing countries at an alarming rate we see this as a result of population increases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) two thirds of the deaths in South East Asia are caused by air population. The crisis is only intensifying and in places like India, home to 13 of the worlds most polluted cities, there are over 1 million premature deaths per year which are caused by pollution.

Indoor air is typically far dirtier than the air outside and because women and young children are the ones who spend the most time inside their exposure to the major pollutants; soot and dust is especially high. This silent killer invades the body as fine particulate matter enters the bloodstream and settles in the lungs, which can result in serious long term health issues such as various cancers and cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses.

The demand for Air Purifiers in the developing world is increasing significantly as people become more aware of the benefits of cleaner air and as the technology becomes more available and affordable. It is estimated that India’s Air Purifiers market will grow at the massive CAGR of about 40% year on year bringing hope, and clean air, to those who need it most.

ON Semiconductor has an expanded offering of highly efficient cost effective solutions for Air Purifiers including our recently released NCS2200A Comparator which is part of an industry first sub-one volt, low power comparator family. We also have various Motor Driver Evaluation Boards readily available to assist engineers in developing their designs in the numerous applications that require motor drivers.

Breathe easy and check out our website for more details on our Air Purifier solution.

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