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Fairchild Website Integration
by ON Semiconductor - 2017-07-05 14:00:11.0

Last September, ON Semiconductor announced the acquisition of Fairchild Semiconductor. Last week, we completed the transfer of former Fairchild product information to the ON Semiconductor Web sites. This enables visitors to view the combined, expanded portfolio of low-, mid-, and high-voltage power modules, integrated circuits, and discretes – one of the broadest and deepest power product portfolios in the industry.

Such an expansive portfolio provides more choice, and also presents opportunities for tools to assist in the selection of the appropriate set of devices for your specific application. Fortunately, we now have a set of great tools, each of which offers unique benefits, depending on where you are in the design process.

First, the Interactive Block Diagrams enable you to set up a BOM for the key functions in your application. With over 130 diagrams from which to choose, start by finding the right diagram within your end market. Then, select a device or devices for each key function within that application, selecting from a focused set of products most appropriate for that specific function within that specific application. Next, create a worksheet with all of your choices, as well as the diagram itself, for future reference or research.

Second, the Product Recommendation Tools provide a small set of products to examine, based on answers to a few questions about the system you are designing. This tool includes tips that highlight how some of the options will impact your design. And the results table shows availability of evaluation boards and design resources for each recommended device.

Finally, ON Semiconductor now provides the Power Supply WebDesigner™ simulation and analysis suite - previously available from Fairchild Semiconductor – enhanced with additional products.  Power Supply WebDesigner offers a way to save time when designing and optimizing your power supply. Device selection, design, analysis, and simulation takes only minutes, because we've built the models, calculations, and iterative steps of power supply design into the tools.

Check out the expanded set of products and tools, and see how ON Semiconductor’s energy efficient products and solutions can help you innovate with your design!


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