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July Featured New Products from ON Semiconductor
by ON Semiconductor - 2017-07-24 13:01:36.0

ON Semiconductor’s Featured New Product (FNP) listing highlights some of the newest devices released. Each update includes the newest products by product category, a summary of what makes them unique and the link to read more details. Whether you’re researching for your newest design or just satisfying your curiosity, these updates are your perfect guide.

LC709511F: Power Bank Controller with USB Type-C & Quick Charge™ 3.0 for 1-Cell Li-Ion and Li-Poly Battery

LC709511F is a Lithium ion switching charger controller for Power Bank. This device has all functions to control Power Bank application. It includes Type-C port control and Quick Charge 3.0 HVDCP. In addition this device applies 2.0 V or 2.7 V on USB data lines automatically for devices require the voltage. The built-in switching controller can output from 5 V up to 12 V for Quick Charge. The high power output for USB Type-C and Quick Charge is possible with appropriate external MOSFETs.

ESD9101: Low Capacitance ESD Protection Diodes for High Speed Data Lines

The ESD9101 ESD protection device utilizes ON Semiconductor’s ESD9000 series of fast turn-on integrated SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) ESD clamping structure.  Unlike the Zener structures of old, the SCR structure turns on at the same 7V level, however it quickly snaps back to a very low clamping voltage of 2 to 3V within 3ns.  This allows the transient current of the ESD pulse to be properly shunted to ground instead of being dissipated in and subsequently damaging the GPS transceiver IC.  A quick solder of the device on a fresh module and ESD testing commences to yield outstanding results as the SZESD9101 successfully protects the GPS past the required 8kV survival level.

Read more about our latest ESD protection device on our blog “ESD Protection Saves the Day: One Automotive Module at a Time”.

LC898217XH: Auto Focus (AF) Controller & Driver with 128 Byte EEPROM

LC898217XH is the AF control LSI. It consists of 1 system of feedback circuit for AF control. Built-in equalizer circuit using digital operation. Built-in A/D converter, D/A converter, Constant Current Driver. LC898217XH contains an internal EEPROM. It easily accomplishes Hall calibration and power-on sequence. Also LC898217XH has fast settling function for quickly moving focus lens. This is suitable for small & thinner camera module.

To view all our latest product releases head over to our Featured New Products page.

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