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June Featured New Products from ON Semiconductor
by ON Semiconductor - 2018-06-12 11:11:20.0

ON Semiconductor’s Featured New Product (FNP) listing highlights some of the newest devices released. Each update includes the newest products by product category, a summary of what makes them unique and the link to read more details. Whether you’re researching for your newest design or just satisfying your curiosity, these updates are your perfect guide.

KAE-08152: Interline Transfer EMCCD Image Sensor, 8.1 MP

The KAE−08152 Image Sensor is an 8.1 Mp, 4/3 format (22.2 mm diagonal), Interline Transfer EMCCD image sensor that provides increased Quantum Efficiency (particularly for NIR wavelengths) compared to KAE-08151. Each of the sensor’s four outputs incorporates both a conventional horizontal CCD register and a high gain EMCCD register, resulting in exceptional low-light imaging performance.

KAE-08152 is available in two package configurations: PGA, and PGA with integrated thermoelectric cooler (TEC).

KAI-43140: Interline Transfer CCD, Image Sensor, 43.1 MP

The KAI-43140 image sensor is a 43 megapixel CCD in a 35 mm optical format. Leveraging a 4.5 μm pixel design that provides a 50% resolution increase compared to the KAI-29050 and KAI-29052 devices, the KAI-43140 provides excellent image uniformity and broad dynamic range. A flexible output architecture supports 1, 2, or 4 outputs for full resolution readout of up to 4 frames per second, and a true electronic shutter enables image capture without motion artifacts across a broad range of exposure times.

LC0551XA: Battery Protection IC, OTP Function, Sense Resistor type, 1-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery

LC05511XA is a protection IC for 1 cell lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery with built-in OTP. It provides highly accurate adjustable over-charge, over-discharge, over-current protection with adjustable detection delay by OTP. Current is detected by high precision external chip resistor. Which realizes accurate current detection over temperature.

LV88561JA / LV88563JA: Motor Driver, Single-Phase, PWM, Full-Wave, BLDC for 24 V / 48 V Fan

The LV88561JA/R is the pre−driver for a single−phase 24 V/48 V BLDC motor, which has the closed loop controller for motor rotation speed. This is available to control a motor with low vibration and the low noise. In addition, lead−angle adjustment is possible by external pins. Lead−angle value and lead−angle slant can be adjusted independently. Thus, the device can be driven by high efficiency and low noise with various motors. Motor speed setting curve is adjustable for many variety using external resistor only. As a method of the rotary speed control of the motor, direct−PWM pulse input is adopted.

To view all our latest product releases head over to our Featured New Products page.


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I need more light on image sensor and battery protection ic. Also the fuel image and the diagrams of it

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