CAT6201: 300 mA / 13 V Adjustable CMOS LDO Regulator

Description: The CAT6201 is a 13 V rated 300 mA CMOS low dropou...
  • The CAT6201 is a 13 V rated 300 mA CMOS low dropout regulator that provides fast response time to load current and line voltage changes in an automotive environment.

    CAT6201 features a low RON P-channel pass element with internal control circuitry which prevents reverse current flow should the voltage at VOUT exceed VIN as in the case of the car's battery voltage accidentally being applied to VOUT.

    Thermal protection and current limiting circuitry combine to protect the pass device against faults and abuse. Current limiting is user controlled through a single resistor to ground. A fault output (FLT) provides an alert should an over-current event or thermal shutdown occur.

    CAT6201 comes on-line gracefully even though it may be driving heavy capacitive loads thanks to built-in soft-start circuitry. Its output is protected against accidental connection to voltages greater than VIN and will not conduct current backwards into its>
    CAT6201 is available in 8-pad 2 mm x 3 mm TDFN package.
  • Features
  • Low Dropout Voltage of 250 mV Typical at 300 mA - High efficiency
  • Fault Output to Indicate Under-voltage, Current Limiting or Thermal Shutdown has Occurred - Improved safety
  • Guaranteed 300 mA Continuous Output Current
  • Input Voltage Range: 3.3 V to 13.5 V
  • User Adjustable Output Voltage
  • User Programmable Current Limit
  • Fault Blanking: 3 ms
  • VOUT Withstands Battery Fault Voltages of up to 14 V
  • Soft-Start Prevents Current Surges
  • Stable with Ceramic Output Capacitor
  • ±1.5% Output Voltage Initial Accuracy
  • ±2.5% Accuracy Over Temperature
  • Thermal Protection
  • 8 Pad TDFN Packages
  • These Devices are Pb-Free, Halogen Free/BFR Free and are RoHS Compliant
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    Availability and Samples
  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • Description: 300 mA / 13 V Adjustable CMOS LDO Regulator
  • Package Type: TDFN-8
  • Package Case Outline: 511AK
  • MSL: 1
  • Container Type: REEL
  • Container Qty: 3000
  • Inventory

  • Market Leadtime (weeks):Contact Factory
  • Arrow:0
  • Digikey:>1K
  • Applications
  • Output: Single 
  • Polarity: Positive 
  • VO (V): Adjustable 
  • IO Typ (A): 0.3 
  • VI Min (V): 3.3 
  • VI Max (V): 13 
  • VDO Typ (V): 0.25 
  • Iq Typ (mA): 0.16 
  • PSRR (dB): 52 
  • Noise (µVrms):
  • Enable: Yes 
  • PowerGood: Yes 
  • Package Type: TDFN-8 
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