CM1205: ESD Protection Array

Description: The CM1205 array provides a very high level of pro...
  • The CM1205 array provides a very high level of protection for sensitive electronic components that may be subjected to ESD. The CM1205 will safely dissipate ESD strikes at levels well beyond the maximum requirements set forth in the IEC 61000-4-2 international standard (Level 4, ±8 kV contact discharge). All I/Os are rated at ±25 kV using the IEC 61000-4-2 contact discharge method.
  • Features
  • Eight transient voltage suppressors in a single package - Small outline, ganged protection, protecting multiline connectors against ESD damage
  • In-system Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)protection to 25 kV contact discharge per IEC 61000-4-2 international standard - Provides robust, fast-acting transient voltage suppression to protect ESD sensitive devices, higher than regulatory and carrier requirements of ±8 kV
  • Compact Chip Scale Package (0.65 mm pitch) format saves board space and eases layout in space critical applications compared to discrete solutions and traditional wire bonded packages
  • Applications
  • I/O port, keypad and button circuitry protection for portable devices
  • End Products
  • Cellular Phones, Smartphones, Netbooks, Notebooks, Portable Navigation Devices, e-Readers
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  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • Description: ESD Protection Array
  • Package Type: WLCSP-10
  • Package Case Outline: 567BM
  • MSL: 1
  • Container Type: DSFTP
  • Container Qty: 3500
  • Inventory

  • Market Leadtime (weeks):2 to 4
  • Arrow:0
  • Digikey:>1K
  • FutureElectronics:>1K
  • Newark:>1K
  • ON Semiconductor:73,500
  • PandS:>1K
  • Specifications
  • Interface: General I/O  MIPI 
  • Number of Lines:
  • Direction: Unidirectional 
  • C Max (pF): 47 
  • V(BR) Min (V): 5.6 
  • VRWM Max (V): 3.3 
  • IR Max (µA): 0.1 
  • PPK Max (W):
  • Package Type: WLCSP-10 
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