FDMQ8205: GreenBridgeTM 2 Series of High-Efficiency Bridge Rectifiers

Description: FDMQ8205 is GreenBridgeTM2 s...
  • FDMQ8205 is GreenBridgeTM2 series of quad MOSFETs for a bridge application so that the input will be insensitive to the polarity of a power source coupled to the device. Many known bridge rectifier circuits can be configured using typical diodes. The conventional diode bridge has relatively high power loss that is undesirable in many applications. Especially, Power over Ethernet (PoE) Power Device (PD) application requires high-efficiency bridges because it should be operated with the limited power delivered from Power Source Equipment (PSE) which is clasified by IEEE802.3at.FDMQ8205 is configured with low rDS(on) dual P-ch MOSFETs and N-ch MOSFETs so that it can reduce the power loss caused by the voltage drop, compared to the conventional diode bridge. FDMQ8205 enables the application to maximize the available power and voltage and to eliminate the thermal design problems in PoE PD applications.
    FDMQ8205 GreenBridgeTM2 is compatible with IEEE802.3at PoE standard by not compromising detection and classification requirement as well as small backfeed voltage.
  • Features
  • Low Power Loss GreenBridgeTM Replaces Diode Bridge
  • Self Driving Circuitry for MOSFETs
  • Low rDS(on) 80V Rated MOSFETs
  • Maximizing Available Power and Voltage
  • Eliminating Thermal Design Problems
  • IEEE802.3at Compatible
    Meet Detection and Classification Requirement
    Work with 2 and 4-pair Architecture
    Small Backfeed Voltage
  • Compact MLP 4.5x5 Package
  • Applications
  • This product is general usage and suitable for many different applications.
  • End Products
  • IP Phones
  • Network Cameras
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Thin Clients
  • Microcell
  • Femtocell
  • Technical Documentation & Design Resources
    Availability and Samples
  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • Description: GreenBridgeTM 2 Series of High-Efficiency Bridge Rectifiers
  • Package Type: WDFN-12
  • Package Case Outline: 511CS
  • MSL: 1
  • Container Type: REEL
  • Container Qty: 3000
  • Specifications
  • Channel Polarity: Complementary 
  • Configuration: Quad 
  • V(BR)DSS Min (V):
  • VGS Max (V):
  • VGS(th) Max (V):
  • ID Max (A):
  • PD Max (W): 2.5 
  • RDS(on) Max @ VGS = 2.5 V (mΩ):
  • RDS(on) Max @ VGS = 4.5 V (mΩ):
  • RDS(on) Max @ VGS = 10 V (mΩ):
  • Qg Typ @ VGS = 4.5 V (nC):
  • Qg Typ @ VGS = 10 V (nC):
  • Ciss Typ (pF):
  • Package Type: WDFN-12 
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