FNB50560TD1: Intelligent Power Module, 600 V, 5A

Description: FNB50560TD1 is a Motion SPM 55 module providing a ...
  • FNB50560TD1 is a Motion SPM 55 module providing a fully-featured, high-performance inverter output stage for AC Induction, BLDC, and PMSM motors. These modules integrate optimized gate drive of the built-in IGBTs to minimize EMI and losses, while also providing multiple on-module protection features including under-voltage lockouts, inter-lock function, over-current shutdown,thermal monitoring of drive IC, and fault reporting. The built-in, high-speed HVIC requires only a single supply voltage and translates the incoming logic-level gate inputs to the high-voltage, high-current drive signals required to properly drive the module's robust shortcircuit-rated IGBTs. Separate negative IGBT terminals are available for each phase to support the widest variety of control algorithms.
  • Features
  • UL Certified No. E209204 (UL1557)
  • 600 V - 5 A 3-Phase IGBT Inverter Including Control IC for Gate Drive and Protections
  • Low-Loss, Short-Circuit Rated IGBTs
  • Built-In Bootstrap Diodes in HVIC
  • Separate Open-Emitter Pins from Low-Side IGBTs for Three-Phase Current Sensing
  • Active-HIGH interface, works with 3.3 / 5 V Logic, Schmitt-trigger Input
  • HVIC for Gate Driving, Under-Voltage and Short-Circuit Current Protection
  • Fault Output for Under-Voltage and Short-Circuit Current Protection
  • Inter-Lock Function to Prevent Short-Circuit
  • Shut-Down Input
  • HVIC Temperature-Sensing Built-In for Temperature Monitoring
  • Optimized for 15 - 20 kHz Switching Frequency
  • Isolation Rating: 1500 Vrms / min.
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  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free 
  • Description: Intelligent Power Module, 600 V, 5A, with internal bootstrap diodes
  • Package Type: DIP-020
  • Package Case Outline: 
  • MSL: NA
  • Container Type: TUBE
  • Container Qty: 78
  • Specifications
  • Family: SPM® 55 Series 
  • Rated Voltage Min (V): 600 
  • IO @ 25 °C Min (A):
  • VCE(sat) @ 25 °C Typ (V): 1.9 
  • RDS(on) (Ω):  
  • Emitter Configuration: 3 emitter pins 
  • Shutdown Pin: No 
  • Package Type: DIP-020 
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