FOD3125: High Temperature, 2.5 A Output Current, Gate Drive Optocoupler

Description: The FOD3125 is a 2.5 A Output Current Gate Drive O...
  • The FOD3125 is a 2.5 A Output Current Gate Drive Optocoupler, capable of driving most medium power IGBT/MOSFET at high temperature up to 125°C. It is ideally suited for fast switching driving of power IGBT and MOSFETs used in motor control inverter applications, and high performance power system.
    It utilizes ON Semiconductor’s coplanar packaging technology, Optoplanar®, and optimized IC design to achieve high noise immunity, characterized by high common mode rejection.
    It consists of a gallium aluminum arsenide (AlGaAs) light emitting diode optically coupled to an integrated circuit with a high-speed driver for push-pull MOSFET output stage.
  • Features
  • Extended Industrial Temperate Range, -40°C to 125°C
  • High Noise Immunity Characterized by 35kV/µs Minimum Common Mode Rejection
  • 2.5 A Peak Output Current Driving Capability for Most 1200 V/20 A IGBT
  • Use of P-channel MOSFETs at Output Stage Enables Output Voltage Swing Close to The Supply Rail
  • Fast switching speed
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range from 15 V to 30 V
  • Fast Switching Speed
    – 400 ns max. Propagation Delay
    – 100 ns max. Pulse Width Distortion
  • Under-Voltage LockOut (UVLO) with hysteresis
  • Safety and Regulatory (Pending for Approval)
    – UL1577, 5000 VACRMS for 1 min.
    – DIN EN/IEC60747-5-5, 1,414 V Peak Working Insulation Voltage (VIORM)
  • RDS(ON) of 1 Ω (typ.) Offers Lower Power Dissipation
  • > 8.0 mm Clearance and Creepage Distance (Option ‘T’ or ‘TS’)
  • Applications
  • • Industrial Inverter • Uninterruptible Power Supply • Induction Heating • Isolated IGBT/Power MOSFET Gate Drive
  • Technical Documentation & Design Resources
    Availability and Samples
  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free 
  • Description: High Temperature, 2.5 A Output Current, Gate Drive Optocoupler, High Temp Gate Driver Optocoupler in DIP 8-Pin
  • Package Type: PDIP-8
  • Package Case Outline: 646CQ
  • MSL: NA
  • Container Type: BLKBG
  • Container Qty: 1000
  • Specifications
  • IFLH (Max) (mA):
  • IDDL, IDDH (Max) (mA): 3.8 
  • IOL, IOH (Min) (A):
  • tPHL, tPLH (Max) (ns): 400 
  • PWD (Max) (ns): 100 
  • VUVLO (Typ) (V): 12.7 
  • VUVLO- (Typ) (V): 11.2 
  • CMR (Min) (kV/µs): 35 
  • VISO (Min) (V): 5000 
  • TOPR (Min) (°C): -40 
  • TOPR (Max) (°C): 125 
  • Package Type: PDIP-8 
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