KA2803B: Earth Leakage Detector

Description: The KA2803B is designed for use in earth leakage c...
  • The KA2803B is designed for use in earth leakage circuit interrupters, for operation directly off the AC line in breakers. The input of the differential amplifier is connected to the secondary coil of ZCT (Zero Current Transformer). The amplified output of differential amplifier is integrated at external capacitor to gain adequate time delay specified in KSC4613. The level comparator generates a high level when earth leakage current is greater than the fixed level.
  • Features
  • Low power consumption: 5mW, 100V/200V
  • Built-in voltage regulator
  • High-gain differential amplifier
  • 0.4mA output current pulse to trigger SCRs
  • Low external part count
  • High noise immunity, large surge margin
  • Super temperature characteristic of input sensitivity
  • Wide operating temperature range: TA= -25°C to +80°C
  • Operation from 12V to 20V input
  • Applications
  • Building & home control
  • Consumer appliances
  • Technical Documentation & Design Resources

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