LV88563JA: Motor Driver, Single-Phase, PWM, Full-Wave, BLDC for 24V/48V fan

Description: The LV88563JA is the pre−driver for a single−phase...
  • The LV88563JA is the pre−driver for a single−phase 24V/48V BLDC motor, which has the closed loop controller for motor rotation speed. This is available to control a motor with low vibration and the low noise. In addition, lead−angle adjustment is possible by external pins. Lead−angle value and lead−angle slant can be adjusted independently. Thus, the device can be driven by high efficiency and low noise with various motors. Motor speed setting curve is adjustable for many variety using external resistor only. As a method of the rotary speed control of the motor, direct−PWM pulse input is adopted.
  • Features
  • Single-phase full wave drive pre-driver include closed loop speed control - High accuracy for motor speed control
  • Speed control function by PWM duty input (25 Hz to 100 kHz) - Wide operation range
  • Soft start-up function and PWM soft switching phase transition - Low noise and silent drive
  • Soft PWM duty cycle transitions - Low noise and silent drive
  • Built-in current limit circuit and thermal protection circuit - Safety
  • Built-in locked rotor protection and auto recovery circuit - Safety
  • FG signal output - Easy to motor control
  • Dynamic lead angle adjustment with respect to rotational - High efficiency
  • Applications
  • Motor Drive Unit
  • End Products
  • Server cooling fan
  • Server cooling fan
  • Technical Documentation & Design Resources

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