MC10EP90: Translator, Triple ECL Input to LVPECL / PECL Output

Description: The MC10/100EP90 is a TRIPLE ECL TO LVPECL/PECL tr...
  • The MC10/100EP90 is a TRIPLE ECL TO LVPECL/PECL translator. The device receives differential LVECL or ECL signals and translates them to differential LVPECL or PECL output signals. A VBB output is provided for interfacing with single ended LVECL or ECL signals at the input. If a single ended input is to be used the VBB output should be connected to the D input. The active signal would then drive the D input. When used the VBB output should be bypassed to ground by a 0.01 F capacitor. The VBB output is designed to act as the switching reference for the EP90 under single ended input switching conditions, as a result this pin can only source/sink up to 0.5mA of current.

    To accomplish the level translation the EP90 requires three power rails. The VCC supply should be connected to the positive supply, and the VEE connected to the negative supply.

    The 100 Series contains temperature compensation.
  • Features
  • 260 ps Typical Propagation Delay
  • Maximum Frequency > 3 GHz Typical
  • Voltage Supplies VCC = 3.0 V to 5.5 V, VEE = -3.0 V to -5.5 V, GND = 0 V
  • Open Input Default State
  • Safety Clamp on Inputs
  • Fully Differential Design
  • Q Output will default LOW with inputs open or at VEE
  • VBB Output
  • These are Pb-Free Devices
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  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • Description: Translator, Triple ECL Input to LVPECL / PECL Output
  • Package Type: TSSOP-20
  • Package Case Outline: 9.48
  • MSL: 1
  • Container Type: TUBE
  • Container Qty: 75
  • Inventory

  • Market Leadtime (weeks):4 to 8
  • Arrow:0
  • PandS:<100
  • Packages
  • Channels:
  • Input Level: ECL 
  • Output Level: ECL 
  • VCC Typ (V): 3.3 
  • fMax Typ (MHz): 3000 
  • tpd Typ (ns): 0.26 
  • tR & tF Max (ps): 170 
  • Package Type: TSSOP-20 
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