NOA1305: Ambient Light Sensor

Description: The NOA1305 ambient light sensor (ALS) is designed...
  • The NOA1305 ambient light sensor (ALS) is designed for handheld applications and integrates a 16-bit ADC, a 2-wire I2C digital interface, internal clock oscillator and a power down mode. The built in dynamic dark current compensation and precision calibration capability coupled with excellent IR and 50-60 Hz flicker rejection enables highly accurate measurements from very low light levels to full sunlight. The device can support simple count equals lux readings in interrupt-driven or polling modes. The NOA1305 employs proprietary CMOS image sensing technology from ON Semiconductor to provide large signal to noise ratio (SNR) and wide dynamic range (DR) over the entire operating temperature range. The optical filter used with this chip provides a light response similar to that of the human eye.
  • Features
  • Photopic light response - Display power savings
  • Dark current compensation - Excellent SNR and DR
  • 0.165 lux to over 100,000 lux range - Operation from dark to full sun
  • Less than 2ua in power down mode - Extends battery life
  • Less than 120us in normal operation - Extends battery life
  • Linear resonse over full range
  • Applications
  • Display power management
  • End Products
  • Cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, GPS
  • Cameras, Video Recorders
  • Mobile devices with displays or backlit keypads
  • Technical Documentation & Design Resources
    Evaluation/Development Tool Information
    Availability and Samples
  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free Halide free 
  • Description: Ambient Light Sensor
  • Package Type: CUDFN-6
  • Package Case Outline: 505AK
  • MSL: 3
  • Container Type: REEL
  • Container Qty: 2500
  • Specifications
  • IOTyp (µA): 120 
  • Output Interface: I2C 
  • Vin Min (V): 2.4 
  • Vin Max (V): 3.6 
  • TA Min (°C): -40 
  • TA Max (°C): 85 
  • Package Type: CUDFN-6 
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