QSE257: Plastic Silicon OPTOLOGIC Photosensor

Description: The QSE25x family are OPTOLOGIC® ICs which fea...
  • The QSE25x family are OPTOLOGIC® ICs which feature a Schmitt trigger at output which provides hysteresis for noise immunity and pulse shaping. The basic building block of this IC consists of a photodiode, a linear amplifier, voltage regulator, Schmitt trigger and four output options. The TTL/LSTTL compatible output can drive up to ten TTL loads over supply currents from 4.5 to 16.0 Volts. The devices are marked with a color stripe for easy identification.
  • Features
  • Bipolar silicon IC
  • Package type: Sidelooker
  • Medium wide reception angle, 50°
  • Package material and color: black epoxy
  • Daylight filter
  • High sensitivity
  • Direct TTL/LSTTL interface
  • Applications
  • This product is general usage and suitable for many different applications.
  • Technical Documentation & Design Resources
    Availability and Samples
  • Status: Active
  • Compliance: Pb-free 
  • Description: Plastic Silicon OPTOLOGIC Photosensor
  • Package Case Outline: 100CL
  • MSL: NA
  • Container Type: BLKBG
  • Container Qty: 500
  • Specifications
  • IL (µA):
  • Reception Angle (°): 50 
  • Dark Current (nA):
  • Radiant Sensitive Area:
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